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Another Man's Treasures - Introduction

Welcome to 317 Films! My name is Chris Gaizat and I want to introduce you to one of our first films called, 'Another Man's Treasure;' which is a documentary about collector's, collecting and the psychology of the art itself.

The synopsis, is simple: I, Chris Gaizat, an average everyday Joe from Indianapolis, have a job, a wife, 2 kids and a collection of several kinds of items in my house. When I buy things for my daughters, I realize that it's the very things I used to have as a kid. What does that say about my collection and who I am? Could my daughters appreciate the collection as much as me, and what should I eventually do with the collection? Sell it? Keep it? Pass it down?

To answer these questions, I plan on asking several notable collectors, prominent in the television industry, as well as several local collectors, and find out what the different aspects of collecting are; why we do it and to answer the question each collector must eventually answer when faced with the collection's ultimate destiny apart from its collector.

I want to share with you, the audience, my experiences and struggles in tackling the hard questions about collecting and look at the extremes, frustrations and enlightenment collecting has on people; as well as the social and economic stances as well. I hope this will be a documentary you can enjoy, not just if you collect things either, but also to share with other people YOUR collections as well. One of the initiatives we want to take on this adventure is to make the movie known by asking our supporters for pictures of them with their own collections to use in the movie! We want to see it, and we're pretty sure others would want to see it too!

Our collections help our cohesion as human beings to share in experiences and the stories of our lives, though most collectors are everyday individuals, one of the questions we are going to ask of all those we interview is, does your collection define you?

I can't wait to post more on the events to come! Keep watch and we'll start letting you know where to send those pictures!

Chris Gaizat


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