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What Makes this Movie so Special?

You know, I was asked the question, "With so many pod casts, documentaries and television shows out there, why would I NEED to see your movie?" and to be honest it took me a while to think of an answer, but then it hit me.

I've posted the response on the Kickstarter page and want to share it with you; I hope you'll catch the vision we have and understand what makes this stand out over everything else. Here was my reply:

That's a GREAT question! With so many other television shows, pod casts, movies and the like, what makes this documentary so special? A few things:

Most of the aforementioned only focus on one aspect of collecting without even going into detail what that aspect really is, and we are planning to cover a number of aspects that they do not cover as well.

We want to combine and define all the aspects of collecting to help people understand why they do what they do when they collect and more importantly give people the informed decision to know what avenues they have when it comes time to let the collection go (if it comes to that).

What draws so many people to the popular shows is the historical lessons and product information they share about the things people have, (mainly to appease fair use laws, which is fine) but they fail, in most cases, to do one thing that we make our documentary a central focus; telling the collector's story.

Every collection has a reason for being, and the people behind it have a story that reads like adventure, suspense or thriller novels! The STORIES WANT OUT!! The story is there to be told, and we want to use this medium to tell that story, of ourselves and YOU! All serious collectors share that passion in their collecting habits; it's a fire that kindles inspiration and bonds this extensive community together! That's why we want to collect people's pictures and videos of their collections and for us to relay that story to the world. We're happy and excited to do it!

With that, I hope you can see why we believe our angle is different in a serious way compared with most of the other shows out there. The people are our angle, not the 'things' we collect (so much).

So my question to you is, what's your story?

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