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Rules Errata

As with any complex game, it is important to keep the rules up-to-date and clarify any mistakes on the components themselves. The most recent changes made to the rules and fixes can be found here on the Errata page. Rulings on given situations can also be found here. Please submit any questions for rulings to and a judgement can be made and posted here for future reference.

Any Errata's made here are updated in the most current version online to purchase from Trick-or-Treat studios website. Future printed versions will fix the errors below.


12/3/2022 - Lakmir Playmat - Standard Ability

Lakmir's standard Ability should read - "You may swap your Mental (Sun) and Strength (Shield) base traits upon discarding a Magic Item Card, until end of turn."


12/3/2022 - Quest I - Dragon's Den XP Value

The XP Point value should be 5 XP and not 10 XP.  Before your game starts, you should, as a group, decide if you want to honor the value on the card or play for its intended value.

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