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When it comes to the holidays, SO many people LOVE Halloween, and reminisce on going Trick-or-Treating; the CANDY, the COSTUMES, the SPOOKY ATMOSPHERE!!  Well, with this board game, you can go Trick-R-Treating ANY TIME of the year! Here, it's always Halloween! Pick a costume and get going on the way through the neighborhood!

Each game consists of moving through, up to 6 neighborhood tiles, that can be shuffled and rotated for a different experience, every game! Choose between 15 different costumes to go trick-or-treating through the neighborhood to the Halloween Party, and whoever gets the BEST candy (candy worth the most points) wins the game! 

But WATCH OUT!!! The Bully is sneaking around town too, and wants to take some of your candy! AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!


How to Play Tutorial Video

Day 1 of Protospiel 2017

Day 2 of Protospiel 2017

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