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Thoughts from the Producer "Is it worth it?"

So the documentary is in full swing now. The light at the end of the tunnel is foreseeable, and production has a probable end date. Looking back so far, I’ve asked myself, “Has it been worth it?” I ask this just before our trip to New Jersey to one of our interviews and the trek itself will be 24 hours of driving, here and back. “But, is it worth it?”

My brother and I were preparing for an interview just yesterday and it came to both of us that there have been several obstacles in our way, when it comes to production; talent backing out of interviews, agents just not calling us back, needing to replace all my tires on my car, having to redo an interview, internal company issues, the bathroom in my home is in serious need of work (as of this week); just to name a few, but where are we now?

What this post is about is personal drive; the kind of drive, not to come up with great ideas, to lay out all the plans from A to Z or to orchestrate the pep rally. The drive I’m talking about is to move forward and to accomplish the task ahead. Faith, I am certain, is not wishful thinking, but as I understand it recently is perseverance in the face of all opposition. When I have faith this movie will come together, I am actively trusting that there will be nothing that CAN stop me, because up until now, nothing has. I have the sight to keep looking at the goal ahead and not the obstacles trying to block the way. The personal inner drive is to meet purpose head on and when all is done, to apologize for nothing.

The journey is long and can be financially burdensome at the moment, but the end goal is the mark. We can pay back debts, but we cannot veer from the path ahead. The objective, once achieved, is what defines us and builds our character. The type of character that seeks to fulfill the need and to be flexible enough to maneuver around opposition.

Too many people see a vision, and most cannot overcome the obstacles or hold on to the drive to succeed in their goal. This is very disconcerting; the projects and dreams that ‘could have been’ are everywhere. Where is the fruit of the labor, and into which obstacle could not be overcome with the will to just keep moving forward? That would be my advice to those who have dreams to do something; anything, in their lives worth doing; keep moving forward.

Don’t lose the vision. All obstacles can be overcome. You are a teleological being. (Objective based life-form) Keep dreaming, keep moving, and make as little excuses as you can for getting to the goal; then ask yourself, “was it worth it?”

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