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Ultra War is an objective-based, strategy game that allows each player to command an army from one of the four Faction groups. While controlling character pawns on a game map and rolling dice to battle each other, each player is also given a faction deck of cards to help gain the edge over their opponent and sway the outcome of the battle to achieve the objective laid out by the scenario. As players continue to the next scenario, the larger story will unfold giving each player the opportunity to sway the outcome of the larger story.

Though the box set comes with many pre-set scenarios, the objectives for each game will change depending on the story and the goals set within the scenario itself. The scenario may call for a recon mission to rescue a character who is imprisoned and escape, or to recover several items, or possibly an all-out war on another army. Whatever the objective, it can only be limited to your imagination, as you can create your own scenario and objectives. You won’t be limited to just ours

The Objective

In this objective based strategy game, the story unfolds and plays out in your game room! Each scenario dictates which map, Factions, and objectives needed to compete and win in the war for Monument City! Given an Army Total, YOU pick your Army and  formulate a strategy to complete your mission and move one step closer to ruling over the people of the city; for good or for ill.

Selecting an Army

When choosing your Army, you’ll want to look at each trait of the character to see what benefit they can offer that can move you closer to that end goal. 

Moving Your Pawns

Each Character is represented with a Character piece. Position is KEY, so make sure you think before moving or you could get yourself into a bad situation...but that’s what you wanted your Opponent to think, didn’t you??


As in any Strategy game, there will be BATTLE!! With an easy to formulate battle system, you’ll be rolling dice and relying on Abilities to dominate your opponent’s army into submission! The Faction cards, with their Enhancements and Equipment can help you do that, no problem!

The Story

Four years ago, the world was as we knew it changed after a nuclear bomb went off destroying most of the Washington D.C. area. The world had changed and though many people believe it was caused by domestic terrorism, everything was in question as to homeland security and the government’s ability to protect its own citizens. Two years later the mounting tension between government and its people led to what we refer to now as, ‘the Uprising;’ the country’s citizens tearing the United States into a fractured remnant of its former unity. Thousands of ‘sub-cities’ grew from the ashes and each one ruled by either Savior or Tyrant. Four factions have risen up in the newly formed Monument City, and little do these opposing forces realize, but their appearance in this place and time is far from being coincidence. Playing out in a bigger stage, forces are gathering that will eventually decide the fate of humanity itself; each faction swaying the outcome in their own way, for good or for ill. Those that witnessed the events will look back and remember it as, the Ultra War!

The Factions

Order of the Round

Descendants of the Knights of the Round Table, the Order of the Round have long since defended the planet against all that threaten the survival of mankind, even if it’s from themselves throughout the centuries. Under the supervision of the essence of the wizard, Merlin, the Order use the legendary sword of Camelot, Excalibur, and the power of the magical crystals, enabling them to perform miraculous feats to gain leverage over their arch-nemesis the Legion of Maximus.  

Legion of Maximus

An alien race from the planet Maximus, the Legion of Maximus is a terrible force to be reckoned with. The Legion wish to enslave the human race and claim Earth for their own by using the same magical crystals (some believe originated on Maximus) as the Order of the Round for their power source. Their leader Vegron believes he can accomplish this by first claiming the legendary sword Excalibur for his diabolical purposes. Every victory of the Legion is a step closer to the eventual goal of total annihilation of the human race.

Stone Corp.

After the Uprising of 2006, the country fractured into thousands of sub-cities, one of which was Monument City, and if there was money to be made in tragedy, Stone Corp hit it BIG. Stone Corp’s President and mayor to Monument City, Edward Blackstone disguises himself as a servant to the people, but in reality he is the crime lord of the sub-city; possibly several. Priding himself on his technological achievements, his stance on anti-magic and Natural Resource Energy, Blackstone’s opposition become easy targets as scapegoat-terrorists. Blaming the inadequacy of the Police Department, Blackstone dismisses the entire force and replaced it with his army of Robot Droids. Stone Corp’s robots take to the streets every night, battling those that would stand in Blackstone’s way, and every night, Blackstone moves one step closer to his ultimate goal…Total control of the country.


When the Uprising started, mass chaos ensued inside the sub-cities, and people began to grasp for power and order; some good, and some evil. Vigilantes began to fight against the growing crime and give the people hope for a brighter and more united tomorrow. In Monument City, those vigilantes call themselves, W.O.L.F. A militia of truly gifted individuals plagued by the power struggle of rising crime at the hands of Edward Blackstone and his company Stone Corp.; W.O.L.F. is tagged as an anti-energy terrorist group, and are often shunned by much of the population, however the price of failure will be too high if Stone Corp. wins the battle against the only protection Monument City, and the remaining sub-cities have.

Looking to help play test? You can order a prototype copy by clicking the Game Crafter logo to the left.

Note: This is NOT the final copy of the game. This is intended for play testing purposes and feedback ONLY. 

The Assassin / Thieves Faction that grows more powerful with each new phase of the Moon. What is the Conclave's ultimate objective? Time will tell.

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