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In this Co-operative or Versus Deck Building Game, you can gather your friends and join forces, or battle each other to bring the other factions down! No friends around to help? No problem, try your deck building skills and take on the enemy deck by yourself in Solitary Game Mode! Do you have what it takes to rule Monument City?!  

The Objective

After choosing a Faction to play as, (and one to fight against), each Player picks a General to play as, a Battleground and a Power Source. Adding the Power Source to the 10 card starting Draw deck, Players take turns building their decks from the 100 card Strategy Deck. At the end of each round the General gains the top card of the Strategy deck making the General more powerful as time progresses.

  Each Player's Starting Deck

                                                      x7                      x3                      x1

Building Your Deck

Each Player builds their deck in two ways: They must buy Equipment, Enhancements of any Faction and Characters of their own Faction, but Characters of the opposing Faction, you must Attack and defeat in order to capture their card to use for your deck.


If you were a Legion of Maximus Player General, you would BUY THESE cards with your Crystal Reserve or Energy Reserve Points to add them to your deck.

And you would have to ATTACK  and defeat THESE cards to add them to your deck.

When building your deck, look for any 'theme' that may present itself. Maybe you notice a lot of 'Draw Ability' cards that can help you build a large offense with several cards, or maybe a 'Copy/Clone' deck is presenting itself, so that you can copy large attacking Characters in Play to defeat your Opponent. Or maybe you are trying to be the Support Player for the rest of your team; you can't win unless your other teammates are protected, so you go on the defense with your deck.

Many opportunities will present themselves. Keep an open eye to the winning combination.

Exclusive and General Instructions on Cards

Cards that share YOUR Faction may have an Exclusive Ability that can gain extra leverage in helping you define your deck’s overall theme or strategy. Opposing Factions CANNOT play Exclusive Abilities of other Factions. Gold areas on cards are instructions for when the card is played by a General.

Exclusive Ability Box

General's Instructions

Abilities that can only be used by Players/Generals that share a Faction with the card.

When a card is Played by a non-Player General, the Gold box are the instructions on how the card is played.

Supporting Other Players on Your Team

Certain cards with the Support symbol allow you to help out a teammate in Offense                    or Defense

Or maybe BOTH.

Winning the Game

Whether it’s you or the opposing General, an Attack must be made as a combined Attack Score that deals enough damage to defeat their opponent in a single Attack. Failure to defeat the Opponent in one Attack fails to defeat the Player/General. The game ends if the Players defeat the General or all Players are defeated. Build WISELY.

The number circled here is the number to reach in Attacking the Player/General to defeat them.

Single Player Tutorial Video

Play Testing

Looking to help play test? You can order a prototype copy by clicking on one of the images below.

Note: This is NOT the final copy of the game. This is intended for play testing purposes and feedback ONLY. 


2 Player Box Set

This is a truncated down version that is also compatible with the Core Sets. (Can be added into the Core Set decks to enhance the gameplay.) This has been optimized for a 2 Player Co-op or 2 Player Duel Game.(If used as an add-on to the Core Sets, it may work better with the Order of the Round vs Legion of Maximus Core Set.)

At least one of the Core Sets are needed to be able to use any of the Expansions or Add-Ons below.


The Conclave : Assassin / Thieves Themed Expansion

The Malefactor : Super Villain Themed Expansion

Add-On Pack

A 36 card, Supernatural Killer add-on pack that can be used to Enhance the Strategy Deck in any game, with use of any Factions. Comes complete with 5 distinct Generals to take on. 

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