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Transformers: Energon Wars is the epic tabletop strategy game pitting players head to head in a battle of wits, skill, luck, and determination to score victory points in an effort to secure victory for either, the heroic Autobots or villainous Decepticons.

The Autobots are trying to prevent the Decepticons from obtaining Energon that will be used to destroy the Earth and conquer the galaxy. The Decepticons are trying to destroy the Autobots, who are their only resistance to domination.


In Transformers: Energon Wars, the battles represented on the table are designed to make the players FEEL like they are participating in the never-ending battle between the two Cybertronian armies. The game is played by two opposing players taking turns activating characters until all characters have been activated in a round. The game ends after six rounds if neither player has reached the winning total of victory points in that time frame. A projected game time is roughly 90 minutes on average from setup to completion.

Below are the videos to explain the idea, character card rules, and sample full game for your consideration.


Transformers: Energon Wars Pitch Video

Character Card Breakdown and Sample Activation

Sample Full Transformers: Energon Wars Game

We thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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