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In collaboration with Zojoi, 317Games is teaming up to help promote the card game, "Quests of Shadowgate" which is based on the NES, Amiga, MAC hit sensation of the 80's! In 2014, Zojoi recreated Shadowgate for PC and Tablets with all new graphics, updated music and a Kickstarter exclusive card game. What 317 brings to the table is the Tutorials and Game play footage to help new players understand the rules and objectives of the game; as well as promoting the game! Check out the videos below to get acquainted! 

Base Game Tutorial

The Base Game Tutorial, is the introductory way to play the game. This video will help you understand the core concepts of the game to prepare you for the Standard Game, and the more competitive version of the game. 

25 Victory points is all that's needed for victory! Complete the Quests and claim your victory!

Standard Game Tutorial

The Standard Game Tutorial helps players understand the way the game was meant to be played! Dive into a more competitive game mode that includes Ability cards, the Staff of Ages Quest card, and the ability to steal items from other players! 

Are you skilled enough to claim the most Victory Points, or are you biding your time to assemble the Staff of Ages and defeat your foes??

Base Game Play Demo

Sometimes watching how a game is played, is the better way to learn a game. Watch as Chris and Karle race to be the player with the most Victory Points in this demonstration of the Base Game of Quests of Shadowgate!

One of these players is going home in shame! Who will it be???

Standard Game Play Demo

Chris and Karle go head-to-head in the Standard Game of Quests of Shadowgate! The gloves are off as Abilities, Events, and a new Quest are at the fingertips of these players, in an effort to gain the most Victory Points or claim victory by wielding the mighty Staff of Ages to vanquish the other player!

Tis a sad thing that, for one of these players, their adventures will end here!

For more information head over to and catch up on all things Shadowgate!!

'Shadowgate' and 'Quests of Shadowgate' are registered property and trademarks of Zojoi LLC. © 2017 Zojoi LLC. All rights reserved

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